Thursday, June 9, 2011

BIG’s Blog: Watch Political Campaign Marketing

In 2008, now President Obama’s political campaign was one of the most successfully executed campaigns ever from the standpoints of organization and fund raising.

Whereas John McCain stuck to traditional massive direct mail to get his message out and generate campaign contributions, Obama’s organization used only online to direct volunteers to get his message out and double the campaign contributions of the McCain campaign.

I know it is still 18 months until the presidential election, but, the campaigns are already underway. However, this time around, both Obama and the Republican challengers will be online.

Political campaigns and nonprofit organizations are very similar in what they need to do in sharing their mission, communications and fund raising. The only difference is duration.

As all the presidential contenders kick off their campaigns (and even as Obama’s campaign starts to become more active) go to their Web sites. You can learn a lot by just poking around, signing up for information to just learn what you can from how these groups position their message, communicate and raise money. Studying these Web sites (which, by the way, I did with Obama’s last time around) will teach you and give you more of a vision for online than me writing 1,000 pages explaining it.


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