Sunday, June 26, 2011

BIG’s Blog: The New Golden Age of Fund Raising: Is Your Fund Raising Organization Exceptional?

Well, how about it? Is your fund raising organization exceptional?

Or, do you think about your fund raising organization as just a job?

It occurred to me as I was starting this series on The New Golden Age of Fund Raising that I can write about all the new methods and technologies that will allow fund raising organizations to develop deeper connections and relationships with their donors . . . but, if its just a job . . . will you make it happen?

After all, what’s the point of making changes if it’s just a job?

Change involves risk? Of course, as the fund raising industry sits today, NOT changing probably involves failure.

There are some really smart and really courageous Executive Directors, Development Directors, Presidents, Provincials, Boards and Councils in the nonprofit world and I know they understand the risk of not changing – and the rewards of changing. All of our clients fall into the smart and courageous category. But, if you asked them if they were exceptional organizations before developing plans to transform their organizations, I believe that they would tell you that they were NOT exceptional organizations. In fact, they would probably tell you that their organizations had grown complacent, bureaucratized and ossified.

But, they wanted to become exceptional.

How about you and your organization?

Your organization can also become exceptional.


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