Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BIG’s Blog: New Golden Age of Fund Raising

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Golden Age as: “The period when a specified art, skill or activity is at its peak.” If you google “golden age,” you get a list of the “ofs” as in the golden age of . . . fill-in-the-blank.

Invariably, golden ages are referred to as a “past time.” But, what if we are headed into a fund raising time that will be so much better than our history to date? We will view this coming time as . . . the New Golden Age of Fund Raising!

I believe it is coming . . . and coming fast. But, just like child birth, there will be birth pains as this new Golden Age is born. The old ways of doing things will pass as new tools and methodologies take their place.

If, as we all believe, that building and maintaining Relationships is the heart of effective fund raising, then the convergence of personal media, personal communication devices and information technologies and processes will usher in this Golden Age for fund raisers.

Over my next few blogs, I am going to describe what this new Golden Age looks like.


Welcome to BIG’s Blog and yes, by all means forward our blog to your friends and co-workers.

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