Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BIG's Blog: It’s all about time!

In my last blog, I addressed one of the three key reasons for the failure of a strategic fundraising plan. This blog will address “TIMING” and the need for a schedule to ensure a plan is successful.

Time is what most nonprofits do not have enough of in their day-to-day operations. Demands on the organization continue to grow while downsizing occurs. This phenomenon challenges the nonprofit. The question becomes, “Can your development and fundraising staff create and implement a strategic plan along with their current responsibilities?”

A strategic fundraising plan that has unrealistic expectations and timelines can derail the success of the nonprofit’s mission. Timing problems stem from leadership unable to make decisions or insufficient staff and professional expertise to implement the plan. These obstacles can affect the overall budget for the organization.

Organizations know there is a need for change. But, how does one go about the transformation of its fundraising plan? My advice is to find an outside resource to look at the organization from a different perspective. Develop partnerships with those entities that can help the organization develop and implement a viable strategy. Don’t let time pass you by!


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