Monday, June 13, 2011

BIG's Blog: Transform fear into success!

Today I read a business advertisement stating there are three main reasons for IT project failure. The three key reasons stated were:

1) Ineffective management of stakeholders

2) Poor estimation of time for implementation

3) Insufficient attention to risk management during the transition

The premise of project failure can be applied when transforming an organization's fundraising strategic plan.

Ineffective management of stakeholders is one cause for a plan’s failure. Everyone from leadership to those who implement the plan must be on board with the need for organizational change. This is the key reason for failure.

Communicate often with the stakeholders so everyone is on the same page. For those uncomfortable with change, encourage discussion to identify fears. Ensure their ideas are being heard. Good communication is the key to growing and sustaining fundraising success.

Read my next blog that addresses another factor that can attribute failure to a strategic fundraising plan.


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