Sunday, April 24, 2011

BIG’s Blog: The Post Office Closes Tomorrow

Any of you still listen a lot to commercial radio? Do they still do those interruptions for the Emergency Broadcast System or was that a relic of the Cold War? What I particularly hate about those interruptions is the obnoxious noise blast in the middle followed by the guy saying, “This has been a test of the Emergency Broadcast System; if this had been a real emergency etc., etc.”

I reference those radio interruptions with the obnoxious noise so that, in your mind, you will hear that obnoxious noise after you read, “My headline is Fiction; My headline is fiction.” We don’t want panic here.

The headline in the newspaper and online is, "The Post Office Closes Tomorrow." The money losing ($7.8 billion last year) U. S. Postal Service succumbs to the Tea Party-inspired Federal budget cutting new attitude among law makers to stop funding multi-billion dollar deficits to money losing, quasi-governmental entities. Let’s also pretend they de-fund Planned Parenthood just for good measure.

What’s your first move after coming out of a hastily called Board/Council phone conference where you have assured the Board/Council that the sky is not falling, even though you personally are wondering whether it is?

There is an old saying, “Nothing focuses the mind like running out of money.”

So, there is the scenario. The USPS has announced its closing since the congress refuses to continue to fund its losses. What is your first move to continue to generate donations?

That’s it.

I don’t know how you process emergencies in your mind but that specter is what I want you to take the next ten seconds, ten minutes or ten hours thinking about as reality today.

You never know; you may be well served by having thought about this scenario even if it’s only for ten seconds.


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