Thursday, April 7, 2011

BIG’s Blog: The Implications are Irrefutable!

One of the blogs that I follow regularly is The Agitator. Regular readers of my blog know that I mention The Agitator as their focus is the direct marketing fund raising world.

Yesterday’s Agitator blog referenced a just released report from Target Analytics (a Blackbaud Company) that drilled into the direct marketing fund raising results ending 4th quarter of 2010 of the Top 83 Direct Response Fund Raisers that they follow. The implications are not good, but only underscore the long-term trend decline for those organizations that are overly focused on direct mail.

There is no point in me even trying to add to what Roger has already written so well and I urge you to read not only his blog, but also the report embedded in the Agitator blog. Roger writes, the "same-old-same-old plans are simply recycled year after year."

What is irrefutable is that we are all at an inflection point, or said another way, a moment of change when the same old programs that have served us so well for many years are starting to sputter and decline.

There is no clearer call for developing a new strategic direction for your organization than the results of this Target Analytics report.


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