Sunday, April 3, 2011

BIG’s Blog: “My Real Job is Continued Growth”

Recently, I was talking to a very smart, but, also very sure of himself, Executive Director of Development about his operation. The major part of his organization’s revenue comes from direct mail.

I was doing most of the listening.

He told me that his direct mail top line revenue is still growing five to eight percent per year, but, that he continues to face a margin squeeze on his direct mail program and also worries about the U. S. Postal Service upheavals. He said that mail as a fund raising channel is very mature and that there really isn’t much he or his team doesn’t know about direct mail fund raising.

To be honest, I thought this was probably the end of our conversation since after all; I don’t talk to many direct mail fund raisers who are growing their direct mail top line five to eight percent per year.

Then he switched directions on me.

He said, “But my number one job is to make certain that ten years from now we are still growing donations and I don’t see direct mail taking us there.”

At that point, it turned into a very interesting two-way conversation.


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