Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BIG’s Blog: DRTV and Web Video

For those of you who read my Monday (04-25-11) blog, Gail’s blog yesterday was a great segue way--talking about DRTV (Direct Response TV) as a real potential adjunct to your current direct mail fund raising program.

Of course, in today’s world, you don’t just put video in paid broadcast like DRTV; the same video in different length versions can be on your Web site as well as emails with embedded links to YouTube.

In fact, you can build whole campaigns around DRTV, Web, and email with video, plus direct mail. Your direct mail fund raising team has lots of direct marketing expertise and it can be argued that all marketing in the digital age is direct marketing . . . so you direct mail marketers . . . start thinking about incorporating video!

Now, think of the most successful direct mail package you or your team has ever put together. Then, check out the below “successful” online video campaign appeal and then ask yourself, “Why can’t we do that?”

Water Changes Everything.

BTW, when I looked at this video I was visitor 49,178. What’s your number? Email me and let me know. I’ll share the numbers and we can see what viral videos are all about.


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