Sunday, February 20, 2011

Major Donor Relationships – long-term or short-range?

In Mike Browne’s recent blog, Institutional Donors versus the Baby Boomers and Younger Generations, Mike presents examples of the changing demographics of the Catholic Church and the attitudes of these individuals. The generational changes will challenge the current cultivation process of major constituents. An organization will need to change its cultivation approach in order to acquire a major gift.

In my upcoming blogs, I will address the generational differences of these constituents as the organization seeks to build major donor relationships for today and into the future.

Build an approach plan that is a “win-win” for both the constituent and the organization. The mission of the organization depends on the success of this relationship.

Numerous stories have been told by major constituent donors where an organization needed funding for a project. Constituents were approached with the needs of the organization. The constituent thought the organization’s need was worth their investment, so they wrote the check. After the organization received the generous gift, the donor received a thank you letter and then failed to hear from the organization until the next time they needed funding. This approach worked with the Depression and WWII-era cohorts. They are institutional givers. But will this approach work in the future?


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