Sunday, February 27, 2011

BIG’s Blog: What this Article Means for Nonprofit Fund Raisers – Part Four

In my last blog, I discussed the claims in the Direct Marketing News – Direct Daily article that essentially announced that by 2015, two-thirds of all purchases and half of all transactions will occur on mobile devices. I analyzed the arguments made by the Google executive and concluded that his claims were more than plausible.

So then, what are the implications for nonprofit fund raisers? Think about this for a second. Unless your fund raising organization is exceptional, my guess is that today you are getting a much smaller proportion of your donations through your Web site than through the mail and you are getting exactly ZERO through mobile.

Yet in a mere four years from now, according to the article, a huge share of ALL purchases and transactions will take place over mobile. FOUR YEARS AWAY! Are you feeling like you are sitting in a horse and buggy at a country cross road circa 1910 as you see a line of Ford Model T’s stream by?

It seems almost overwhelming, doesn’t it?

With few exceptions, the vast majority of fund raisers haven’t even figured out how to integrate the use of Web sites, email and social media into their dominant channel direct mail fund raising efforts, and now they learn mobile will probably be one of the key marketing channels in less than four years.

This is not business-as-usual. These are exceptional times.

Whatever you do, don’t let fear paralyze you. This is also an exciting time to be in fund raising! There are resources out there.

Last year, Browne Innovation Group inaugurated a seminar series entitled: "The Coming Transformation of Fund Raising," detailing core elements in developing a new fund raising strategy and, in seven seminars, over 100 organizations attended.

There are also a number of books and other resources we can recommend. Call or email and we will share the list.

I’ll have some final thoughts on the above article in my next blog.


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