Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BIG’s Blog: What this Article Means for Nonprofit Fund Raisers – Part Three

In my last blog, I have been unpacking the importance for fund raisers of the Direct Marketing News – Direct Daily article about a Google executive stating that, by 2015, two-thirds of all purchases and half of all transactions will occur on mobile devices.

The question is: Is this just hype or is it the future?

Well, Mr. Shapiro, the Google executive, builds his case by citing statistics that first, consumers will digest 80% of all visual content through digital by 2015. What is visual content? Visual content is everything you read or look at, whether a physical printed newspaper, magazine or book or the myriad of information delivered via computers, tablets, Kindle-like reading devices or mobile. Second, he cites recent growth figures and tells us that mobile searches grew 500% in the last two years. Obviously, since he is with Google, you can rely on him knowing the numbers on search. Third, he states that mobile today is the third most used media behind telephone (landlines we presume) and the Internet. And finally, Mr. Shapiro cites mobile subscriber numbers worldwide at 5 billion, with 1.9 billion of those mobile devices connected to the Internet. In fact, Mr. Shapiro goes on to tell us that Google predicts mobile subscribers to hit 10 billion within 10 years.

So, can we believe the hype? From our last blog, we discussed why Google is interested in mobile, after all they own and license the mobile operating system called Android. It seems that Google’s strategy is to marry search (Google’s core service) with mobile (Google’s growing Android mobile operating business) to help people find what they want through their mobile devices. These are very sharp business people and they are making some very big investments. I would bet that they are probably right.

So what are the implications for nonprofit fund raisers? I will sum it up in my next blog.


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