Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BIG's Blog: Board Development, Part Two: Developing the Pitch

How do you develop an elevator pitch? It is a fairly simple exercise that you can do with the board. Developing the pitch will be broken down into two sections: personal questions and organizational questions.

Step one: Answering personal questions.

WHO is this individual to the organization: a lay board member, a religious member or staff? (In some cases, the religious member may be staff.)

WHAT role does the board member fulfill within the context of the organization: president, treasurer, secretary or another role?

WHY is the board member involved with your organization?

The questions a board member must answer themselves are the “WHO” and “WHY.” The Board roles and responsibility guidelines help to answer the “WHAT” statement.

Going through this exercise is a great way for long-time board members to be reminded why they became involved with the organization to begin with. Addressing the “WHY” may motivate and re-energize board members to become an active voice again.

My next blog we will address step two of the developing the pitch process: the organization’s information.


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