Thursday, February 10, 2011

BIG's Blog: Board Development, Part Two (continued): Developing the Pitch

Elevator pitches are usually delivered by board members to individuals that could open doors for the organization. Board members may or may not know these individuals. For this reason, it is beneficial that the board and leadership together create the elevator pitch.

Leadership within the organization needs to provide the answers to these questions:

WHO is the organization the board is representing?
WHAT is the mission of the organization? What are the projects they are looking to fund?
WHY is the mission important to the world/community/church?

Once the board and organization have answered these questions, it is important to:
  • Create a unified message for the organization
  • Write that message down
  • Give it to anyone who represents your organization
Never assume that the board or leadership will have the same response to these questions. It can be difficult to develop a consistent message. But it is a necessity. A clear account of the “who,” “what” and “why” ensures that there is no miscommunication of the organization’s mission or its needs.

When all questions are answered, the staff can help the board write an elevator pitch with a concise message and yet make it personal for each member of the board. New opportunities will present themselves when an outstanding elevator pitch is delivered.

But how does one deliver an outstanding elevator pitch? The answer is: Training!

Part Three of this blog series will address how the organization can assist the board in using the elevator pitch.


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