Monday, July 29, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Tell Ten Friends

ALWAYS give credit where credit is due. I unabashedly stole this idea from the blogger Seth Godin. But what a great idea it is!

You pay zip, nada, zero for this blog. And some of you might say, “that’s all it’s worth!” But hopefully, and from the growth trends we are seeing, your fellow fundraisers are finding “something of value” in these missives.

This blog, as I stated above, costs you nothing and, in addition, we don’t ask for donations, place advertising, or product placements. We do, from time to time talk about the services of Browne Innovation Group, but only within the context of the subject matter of the blog, and we also point out other services that are similar to BIG.

So today, I am asking you to send out our link …copy and paste the below into an email to ten of your friends or peers with the Subject head: “Check this out!” Or, just forward this blog.

I’m only asking you to send it to ten of your friends and peers [ten is enough].

If your friends and peers demand to know why they should pay attention to this blog, ask them how their fundraising is going. Ask them if it is way harder than it was in years gone by. Tell them that maybe something more fundamental than the lingering effects of the last recession is at play. And while they have been “heads-down” diligently trying to turn the tide, they have failed to look up and missed the realignment of the sun, moon, and universe of philanthropy.

Tell them that’s what we talk about in the blog.

Tell them that the change that is going on isn’t just affecting fundraisers or nonprofits, but the entire economy. Tell them they are not “getting” how big an impact the Internet really is in the lives of their current and prospective donors. Tell them they need a new model of fundraising that is 100% Internet-based, not just assorted digital and social media arrows in their existing fundraising quiver.

Ask them to join you on the journey!

Ask them to…

Join us.
Welcome to BIG's Blog!  Please feel free to forward this post to your friends and coworkers...and email me a comment at:

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