Friday, July 19, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Natives and Immigrants

No, this isn’t about the immigration bill winding its way through Congress.

My daughter explained something to me the other night. She said, “Dad, in the Web world, you’re an immigrant while I am a native.”


The conversation came up as we were talking about some new feature on Twitter. She is my “go to” person for answers on new changes that are constantly coming out on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Most Millennials get this quickly and intuitively. Boomers? Let’s just say we are new to this foreign country. We are NOT natives.

Think about it.  20-somethings have always known computers in the classroom and, to them, the six-year-old iPhone has been around forever.

A secret for your success in online fundraising? Target Millennials. By building your online fundraising to target Millennials, you will capture Gen-X and Boomers because they follow the lead of Millennials online. Millennials will carry your message, so appeal to them.

Join us.
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