Thursday, July 4, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Monthly Giving is the Key

Fundraisers don’t just have to change their mode and practice of fundraising to online, but they have to change their financial model as well.

A recent article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy cited Minnesota Public Radio as only pushing monthly giving. In fact, monthly giving has become such a critical part of their fundraising approach that they don’t even mention the option of making one-time gifts. Nicole Anderson Stern, the director of membership giving says, “We talk in terms of monthly giving. And when our donors contribute, they use the same language.”


Set the expectation that monthly giving is the way to support your organization.

Can this be done with direct mail? Yes, but it’s not easy and not really effective.

Can this be done online? Absolutely, and it is extremely easy for donors.

Still struggling with this concept? Take a minute and walk down the hall to your head of accounting, Chief Financial Officer, or Treasurer and ask them for their opinion of monthly giving.

Game over.
Join us.
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