Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BIG’s Blog: How Many Apps?

The other day a friend caught me off-guard by asking me how many apps I had on my smartphone. I had no idea. In fact, I actually had to stop and count them . . . 27. Interestingly, I have twice that number on my iPad tablet.

But for my smartphone, my number is low compared to most people I know. According to industry sources, the average smartphone user has 41 apps.

Apple launched its AppStore in 2008, and since then 850,000 apps have been created for the AppStore with 50 billion downloads. And, of course, apps cover news and information, games, productivity tools, weather, location, health information, and so much more.

Of course, Android users have Google’s Play store, and their downloads of apps will probably exceed Apple’s by the end of the year.

These are staggering numbers.

So, can we say that we are in an app economy yet?

What does an app economy mean? Well, there are the dollars and cents of transacted business using the apps as well as what the apps cost. But more and more, IT departments are switching to using their employee devices to spread critical business applications for their company or organization. Many organizations are actually building their own app stores consisting of corporate-okayed apps for their employees to use on both computers and mobile devices.

So if you are personally already downloading and using apps on your smartphone or tablet device but not thinking about how they could integrate into your Development work…maybe it’s time.

How is the growing app economy going to connect to your grand Development strategy?

Join us.
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