Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BIG’s Blog: On Interruption

“The biggest problem with mass-market advertising is that it fights for people’s attention by ‘interrupting’ them.”
Seth Godin, 1998

“There’s too much going on in our lives for us to enjoy being interrupted anymore.”
Seth Godin, 1998

“[Marketers] have to turn ‘attention’ into permission, permission into learning, and learning into trust.”
Seth Godin, 1998

This year, the average consumer (read potential donor) will see or hear 1 million marketing messages . . . almost 3,000 a day.

How does your organization’s message break through?

Seem impossible? Keep doing what you’re doing and it pretty much is.

But, if you get permission to share with them, turn your sharing time into a time to educate them about your organization. Once they learn about your organization, they will trust.

But it all starts with permission to share, and that starts with getting their attention.

How do you get their attention?

They find you.

That’s what the digital shift is all about.
Join us.
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