Friday, July 12, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Mail bag and comments

RE: Monthly Giving

WTTW public TV in Chicago is also pushing for monthly credit card giving.  As a donor I can see the advantage from my point of view.  e.g. if I pledge $5/month (which I can afford), I will be increasing my yearly support by $20.  However, there’s a caution here for the development offices.  I tried this with WTTW once and they made such a mess of it by charging my card twice in one month and when I tried to call to have it corrected, they didn’t have an easy way for me to contact them.  Very frustrating and I cancelled the gift and have gone back to the $40 once a year gift. 

The moral of the story:  plan well before initiating this system.


There you go…Joyce “wanted to give them $60” through monthly giving rather than a once-a-year $40 gift. That’s the point! What organization out there doesn’t want to grow revenue 50% in one year?

So the point for savvy fundraisers isn’t getting the program execution right…that should be cake for your organization. No, the “hard part” is getting them to switch to monthly giving. Turns out the hard part (or so you thought) is not so hard.  

Join us.
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