Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BIG’s Blog: Mobile for Fund Raising – Part One

Where is mobile today and what does it mean for fund raisers?

IBM’s Coremetrics Benchmark Industry Report released November 4 predicted online holiday shopping in November to grow 15% compared to last year. This is huge.

“Mobile commerce is expected to surge this holiday season because of an increase in iPad and Android device adoption,” said John Squires, chief strategy officer of IBM Coremetrics. “We are witnessing the end of the PC era,” he added.

“All of those people who predicted the last ten years that next year would be the year of mobile are finally right,” said Squires.

So what does this surge in people going to Web sites through their mobile devices have to do with your fund raising organization?

Have you bothered to create a mobile smartphone or tablet version of your Web site?

If you have, great!

If you haven’t . . . well, check out our blog tomorrow for quick ideas to help.


Welcome to BIG’s Blog and yes, by all means forward our blog to your friends and co-workers. 

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