Thursday, November 24, 2011

BIG’s Blog: To Make Great Decisions, Clear the Head

Joshua Ehrlick is an Executive Coach. He works with both senior executives and on-the-fast-track young executives.

One of the first things he tells them; getting stuff done is overrated. Knowing where you are going and how to get there – strategy – is everything.

Too many senior executives spend too much time “doing” and not enough time “thinking.”

So, on this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, if you are feeling scattered and stressed by the amount of work on your plate at work, take a few minutes to read and then re-read Joshua’s five rules for breaking your transactional mindset so that you can focus on needed strategy and direction for your organization.

Remove the obstacles. Say “no” to administrative tasks and unnecessary meetings. Work on building a stronger team so you will feel comfortable trusting and delegating. Stay out of details best left to others and start zooming out – looking ahead at your team’s strategy.

Quiet the noise. Carve out quiet time to help your focus to become clearer. Mindful breathing can help quiet internal distractions. Sit for five minutes each morning with the intent of focusing on your breathing. Mindfulness helps leaders solve problems more creatively and learn more quickly and flexibly. Begin to read more broadly and attend conferences in search of new ideas and to network.

Percolate. Begin to journal and reflect on your ideas. But keep a diverse group of advisors engaged in your ideas so you are not self-deceived by the brilliance of untested ideas.

Clarify your message. Half the battle with strategic thinking is conveying your vision clearly. Test your ideas with colleagues and advisors and ask for feedback based upon what they heard.

Keep reflecting and adjusting. A strategy must be effective. Adjust and tweak your strategy so that it fits your organization.

Of course, some of these tips may not work for everyone. Find what works, and keep polishing it.


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