Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BIG’s Blog: The Power Shift

A few weeks ago, I quoted Peter Drucker from 2003: “In the next few years, power will shift to the customer – for the simple reason that the customer now has full access to information worldwide.”

And, of course, at the heart of Mr. Drucker’s power shift is Internet-based Search (think Google).

Virtually all nonprofit fund raisers and more commercial companies than you would think still put the vast majority of their marketing efforts into the broadcast media and audience paradigm.

What do all broadcast media have in common?

First, the information flow is one-way.

Second, the “power” is with the broadcaster.

But, Peter Drucker says power is shifting to the customer (donor) based upon access to any information we seek.

The customer isn’t waiting for a broadcast. The customer is “looking” for what they are interested in – NOW.

If the customer (donor) is looking; will they find your organization? And if they do find your organization, is there someone ready to engage them in real-time?

If your goal is to attract donors, then understand Search and be ready to Engage in Real-Time.


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