Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BIG’s Blog: The iPod Killed the Walkman

At a recent family reunion, iPads outnumbered laptops eight to one. And yes, the laptops were driven by 50ish uncles.

And the PCs, well, my take is that if I were Meg Whitman at HP, I’d reverse my decision to keep the PC division and close it.

iPads are already devastating the PC marketshare. What the kids and adults used to do on PCs, they now do on iPads. You still use a laptop or PC at work, but at home it’s the iPad.

And the future? A recent Neilson survey shows kids electronic appetites run to the iPad. The Neilson survey quantifies what I saw in my own family.

By-the-way, the iPad falls under the category of mobile.

The iPod killed the Walkman.

The iPad is killing the PC.

The Kindle and the iPad are killing printed books.

And all the above are killing direct mail. So, it is no surprise the U.S. Postal Service just announced proposed rate increases for 2012.

So what should fund raisers do?

Starting next year, we will be partnering with several different organizations and companies offering ½ day seminars on transforming your fund raising. If you are interested, please send me an email and I will make certain you get an invitation if there is one in your area.


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