Sunday, November 27, 2011

BIG’s Blog: Digital?

Later this week, I will be blogging about the rise of mobile. Mobile and mobile media is a game changer for marketers and fund raisers. To prove the point, a recent IBM report states that 15% of all online holiday shopping this year will be done on mobile devices.

I’m always conflicted when I write blogs about the growth in digital and digital media because although all nonprofit charities have Web sites, and a few are starting to use social media, there is no real plan on how to use the shift to digital to transform fund raising. There is just huge institutional momentum to keep doing what we have always done and for long-established fund raisers that means direct mail.

But, it isn’t just the charity realm of nonprofits; it seems other nonprofit industry sectors and even the governmental sector are the last bastions of the pre-digital.

The four industry sectors most resistant to digital transformation are: 1) Education, 2) Healthcare, 3) Charities and 4) Government. And of these four, government is starting to make the most strides to embrace digital reacting no doubt to the economic pressure of less revenue.

My personal goal for government and the day I will be able to say government has fully embraced digital is when I can vote online.

Think about that.

I believe the day is fast approaching where you will be able to vote online, at your desk, at work, or at home.

Then, of course, you will either; go to work or if you voted at work, turn around and start planning your next pre-digital direct mail campaign.


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