Friday, November 4, 2011

BIG’s Blog: How Remarkable Is Your Donor Care? – Part Two

Sorry for harping on this, but nonprofits have to understand how important donor service is.

First, the good news; you have no problem with my mother. In fact, you probably don’t have any problem with your donor service regardless of your level of care for members of the Depression or World War II generations born before 1945. They are institutional givers.

But, that’s not the problem.

The problem is to recognize that once you have donors from the Baby Boom generation and younger cohorts, the expectations for your donor care rise dramatically.

Although the Baby Boomers weren’t born into it, our consumer society grew up with the Boomers. And for Gen X and the Millennial cohorts, a consumer society is all they have known.

Like it or not, this means that our “consumerist mindset” puts nonprofit donor care in the same category as Dell customer service. Going forward, you just don’t have a choice but to offer great donor care.

If you want to hear the “future” of donor care for your organization . . . meaning it is a great company to model . . . call toll free (800) 927-7671. This is, the online shoe retailer. Don’t be shy; tell them why you are calling and ask them about dealing with customer calls. You are going to be impressed and wishing you had “that” person answering your phone.


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