Monday, August 22, 2011

BIG’s Blog: Predictive Analytics – Part 3

In this three-part blog series, I have been addressing one of the most important methodologies that nonprofit direct mail fund raisers must incorporate with the coming postal increases. Today’s blog is the last in the series I have titled 'Predictive Analytics.'

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, although we have all heard about IBM, most of us don’t know that IBM’s big push going forward is focused on Information Technology and Analytics. IBM believes that this technology and business practice will be the competitive edge that many commercial companies are looking for.

IBM has been around for a long time and is a survivor in the always changing technology business. So, if you want a good idea of what is going to be important to the largest companies in the world . . . IBM’s target customers . . . look at where IBM is going. And right now, they are “betting the company” on Information Technology and Analytics.

In the first two parts of this series, you had to read and think about what I was saying. To accommodate the visual learners in my audience, IBM also has a short video that drives home the message of what predictive analytics is and what it can do for organizations (see below).

You will note that all of the examples in the short video are about commercial businesses. Frankly, IBM isn’t interested in the nonprofit sector . . . too small. But, the video drives home the message of what predictive analytics will do for large companies, and, as you watch the video, apply the information to your nonprofit organization.

VIDEO – click here


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