Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BIG's Blog: The “Blame Game”

The nonprofit world is unraveling around us. Organizations are trying to sort out the threats of postal increases, changing communication technologies and constituent /donor generational shifts. So, how can organizations work through these challenges?

Brian Dodge, motivational speaker and author, suggests that, “One key to unraveling is accepting total responsibility for the situation, regardless of the circumstances that got you to that point.”

Since 2000, many nonprofits have seen the downward trend in their revenue. For those in the Catholic market, one may point to the scandals of the church for this decline. What about the other nonprofits that also saw their donor income drop off significantly? Who or what is the reason for their diminution in revenue?

The postal situation is one problem that nonprofits may not be able to control. There are many other areas that organizations can address to stabilize their operations.

Now is not the time to point fingers or play the “blame game.” It is not one department, program or problem that brought us to where we are today. Instead, organizations must let go of their fears and begin to a formulate solutions.

If the transformormation your organization faces seem daunting, you may want to bring in an expert in change management. They can assist the leadership team in the development and execution of a plan for today and the future.


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