Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BIG's Blog: Don’t waste your money!

"On what?" you ask . . . Name Labels. Don’t take this the wrong way as I use name labels all of the time.  My complaint (in most cases) is that they do not print the names and addresses correctly.  

Many nonprofits mail name labels at this time of the year hoping to attract constituents to their mission. A similar package will also be sent to their donors. I would suggest that you think about the challenges of printing labels.

For example, here are a few name errors from labels I personally have received:
                  Mr Jim jr Battle
                  Jim Battle M (middle initial and no suffix)
                  Mr. Jim J. and Mrs. Gail Batt
I am sure others with really long names or addresses would have additional examples available. 

Protect your investment in these label mailings. Take the time to review your data and that of list you are renting to ensure that the names and addresses will print correctly.


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