Thursday, May 5, 2011

BIG’s Blog: Year of the Tablet

My right hand assistant, Michelle, has told me a number of times that I am woefully behind in not having an Apple iPad. My wife agrees. While they both have computers, more and more of their online time is through their iPad tablets.

Analyst and technology journalists are already calling 2011 “the year of the tablet.” And marketers are validating the prediction by launching mobile marketing apps and Websites, as well as planning search and display initiatives to attract consumers using a growing range of tablet devices.

It took Apple nine months to sell the first million iPhones. Apple launched the iPad in April of 2010 and sold one million in the first month. For all of 2010, they sold 18 million iPads.

You think something is happening here? Remember when all we could talk about was how cool it was to have personal software like Word or Word Perfect or Excel? Now, with the proliferation of smartphones like the iPhone or Android-based phones, all we talk about is apps. And tablets like the iPad use apps, not software like computers.

Yes, tablets are very different from computers. Forrester Research is predicting about 50 million US consumers will use tablet devices by the end of 2012 saying, “Tablets will grow as fast as MP3 players.”

I picked up my dry cleaning last week and they asked me if I wanted to download their app. My dry cleaners!

The last fund raising conference I attended, not one person was talking apps.

Time to get an app for your organization?

Better to develop a plan first.


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