Monday, May 30, 2011

BIG's Blog: A Day I Will Always Remember

I attended the ordination of a close friend on Saturday. Although I have attended many ordinations, this was one to remember. Let me explain.

I have seen many religious leaders interact with the church assembly. But, the archbishop who presided over this ordination ceremony was remarkable. During the whole ceremony, you felt like you had known this man all his life. He was warm and gracious to the congregation. He spoke to the family of this young man as if they were his own family. He even reached out to two little boys and asked their parents to continue this great tradition in their family. Everything he did came across as genuine and sincere.

I believe if the archbishop would have passed the basket at the end of this celebration he would have raised a significant amount of money. He left me thinking about how we build relationships with our donors. Are we warm and gracious in our relationships? Do we make them feel a part of our mission? Whether it is in a letter, on the phone or in person, are we “real” or are we just thinking about what we need?

Only you can answer that question.


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