Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BIG’s Blog: The Economy and Fund Raising in Transition

Don’t ever bet against the U. S. economy. That is a lesson you can take to the bank. Every time our economy goes into a recession . . . even a deep and severe recession like the one we are now coming out of . . . there is always a tendency to think that our economic world will never recover.

Our economy does recover. But, what is lost on most folks is that it is a slightly different economy than the one that went into recession. Some businesses went out of business and others got stronger and grew. The U. S. economy is always evolving as nothing ever stays static.

Don’t bet against U. S. fund raisers. Although there will be some fund raising organizations that will not evolve and they will fail, the vast majority will choose to develop new plans and make the needed changes to not only survive, but grow.

And change is coming fast.


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