Monday, May 23, 2011

BIG's Blog: Something to Consider

A USA Today/Gallup poll indicates that overall, 40% more US adults say they use Google in a typical week (60%) than have a Facebook page (43%).

Based upon these statistics, if you are in the marketing field, you may think that you need to quickly move to develop a Facebook page. But, before you leap, please read on and consider some additional numbers.

It is true that Google and Facebook have substantially higher usage rates, but this is with a younger, wealthier and educated cohort. But, 34% of men and 17% of women age 65 and older use Google in a typical week

These stats should give your marketing team something to think about. What is the age and gender of your current donors? Typically, religious nonprofits donors are women age 65 years or older. So, is a Facebook or Google strategy a priority for your organization?

Or, is it more important to develop a strategy to identify new younger constituents using these methods?

Not sure?

Consider talking to an expert in the industry to determine where the organization would see the best return on investment using social media.


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