Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BIG’s Blog: Yesterday and Today

Greg Hampson, the CFO of a faith-based charitable organization in the Northeast that has been through our online program, sent me the following quote from Sovereign Bank’s weekly economic report.

“We stumbled on an old Radio Shack flyer. Featured on the 1990 cover were over a dozen items on sale, including a clunky cell phone, an answering machine, camera, video recorder, computer, monitor, radio, earphones, CD player, calculator, alarm clock and tape recorder. To buy all twelve back then would have put you back $5,200 (in 2013 dollars). Today, you get all twelve products in a $300 iPhone, along with countless other apps. We’ve come a long way.”


And while your head has been buried in the details of fundraising, something similar is going on in our industry. Have you seen what is happening to the prices of technology that fundraisers use? Websites, CRM donor management systems, social media, email systems, and analytic tools? For a fraction of what you used to pay for a donor database, you can build a full online infrastructure.

People … the supporters you want have already embraced online . . . and the tools to communicate, analyze, and engage with them are getting less expensive.

Some fundraisers worry about the “cost” of moving to an online model. Yet when your old fundraising model is in decline and people have already moved online, and the technology infrastructure has never been less expensive …

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