Friday, March 14, 2014

BIG’s Blog: Awash in Data … see Infographic

The difference between the professional (work lives) world we all grew up in and the world we are in today is the magnitude of “content” and “data.” It is actually the same in our private lives, but we don’t think about it as much. In our private lives we just call it “information overload” and leave it at that. But in our work lives we can’t say “overload” because that would mean we are not paying attention to something that may be important.

Your ability to use data effectively will quickly separate your organization’s results from those who think they can get by without controlling their data.

Data is the gold vein that we all must tap and it is building every second … every minute … every hour … every day.

How much data? Look at the infographic from the company DOMO (below). In every second of every day, loads of data are being generated.

Every minute …


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