Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BIG’s Blog: It’s a DIY World

My friend Tony sent me a note the other day with some key insights I think you’ll connect with.

Tony says, “We live in a DIY, a do it yourself, world. There are DIY stores, DIY Websites, DIY books and even a DIY network. And don’t forget the home improvement store that says, You can do it. We can help.”

Nonprofit organizations in general, and fundraising groups in particular, have been very adept at keeping overhead low by doing things themselves . . . and that self-sufficient attitude means that more resources can go to the mission.

But what happens when fundraisers face a situation where the landscape is changing? The brave new online digital world is a perfect example. Not only is it new and challenging to figure out how to operate in this new world, but there is a sense of urgency as they look over their shoulder and see the methods of fundraising they have used for years become less and less effective.

They need a new strategy . . . but to develop a new strategy means learning what they don’t know.

How does the DIY home improvement store help someone who wants to fix up their home? Answer: they offer classes to learn what they don’t know, so they can do it themselves.

So the first step is signing up for the classes . . . then actually going to the classes where you “listen” and “learn.” But listening and learning aren’t enough, are they? To make the change, you have to be “doers.”


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