Monday, March 17, 2014

BIG’s Blog: Mobile Is …

Neil Rosen writes for MediaPost’s Email Insider. He recently wrote a post entitled Mobile Is The New Black.

Depending on the study source, mobile devices now account for up to 70% of all clicks and opens. That is astounding!

A year ago most of my readers would not have believed this percentage as we (you and me included) were still doing the vast amount of our opens and clicks on our computers. At a recent fundraising association conference, I asked people who stopped by my booth as well as those who attended my workshop if their habits in this regard had changed in the last year. A large majority said that their behaviors had changed, which adds anecdotal evidence to this finding.

This new reality has a couple of significant and important implications.

First, is your Website optimized for viewing on a smartphone? Try it and see how your Website stacks up. If your Website is merely a miniature (and by miniature, I mean you can’t read it) version of your regular Website … you are in big trouble!

Second, and probably of more strategic importance, is the fact that if you didn’t understand this most fundamental element of being online and how it could dramatically affect your organization’s ability to fundraise, what else don’t you as a fundraising leader understand?

But don’t think you are alone.

With few exceptions, virtually every fundraising leader who has taken our e-learning program started off in the same boat. We baby boomer and Gen-X fundraising leaders are all immigrants into this new online digital world. We’re not natives like those in their 20’s and 30’s, yet we are the ones who are responsible for creating the strategy and tactics to grow revenue in this increasingly digital online society. We have much to learn to be successful in this brave new digital world.

FYI … the oldest person ever to take our e-learning program is an 86-year-old Catholic priest. And today, he understands this and other online strategic issues as well as any 20 or 30-something.

Smartphones are falling in price and are now becoming near-ubiquitous across all generations. And as their use spreads, these mobile devices, including tablets, will dominate how people connect to your organization.

Are you ready to connect with them online?

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