Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BIG’s Blog: Why aren’t we doing this?

There is an old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” To which I ask, “...then what is a video worth?”

I’m not talking about a video of dancing cats or cute babies, but a video that tells a story and connects with us.

Today, too many nonprofit Development organizations that could be doing these types of videos are not doing them. Why? Because, frankly, they don’t understand how it fits into their direct mail appeal program. And you know what? They are right; it doesn't fit.

But here is the deal: today commercial companies are figuring this out. Below is just the latest example and it isn’t even from the United States.

Watch the below video. It is an excellent example of storytelling that connects the emotions. What does it have to do with life insurance? Honestly I don’t have a clue, but you remember the name of the company and the message they are sharing.

Why aren’t we doing this?


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