Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BIG’s Blog: Nonprofit Envy

Advantage nonprofit fundraisers!

What nonprofit fundraisers have known … and practiced … for years is turning out to be the very thing that is gaining attention and traction for professional commercial marketers both in broadcast and online.

That is telling a story that connects to the emotions, says Mallory Russell in her latest blog post.

During this year’s Super Bowl and Olympics, ads (videos) like Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” and P&G’s “Pick Them Back Up” are the biggest winners.

And while those videos that were first played as ads on television have now garnered 54 million and 24 million views online, nonprofit videos that tell their stories well are routinely surpassing 10 million views. “Invisible Children Kony” from 2012 has generated more than 228 million views since it was released in March of 2012.

So to connect with their markets and sell products, commercial marketers are moving to “create” emotional stories – fiction – and moving more and more budget to online video every month …  because it is working.

And yet, as usual, the bright lights in fundraising that are showing us the way by creating compelling real stories in video that can be placed on free platforms (think YouTube) to reach millions of people are viewed as “kinda neat videos” by the vast number of fundraising “monksters,” sitting in their offices doing the same-o, same-o fundraising.

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