Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BIG’s Blog: Do You Audit Your Nonprofit?

EWhen was the last time you called your published phone number during business hours to check how your receptionist answers (or doesn’t answer) the phone?

When was the last time you had someone not known to your staff send through a donation to audit how quickly and completely the donation was processed, the thank you sent and the donation receipted?

When was the last time you had someone not known to your staff call and ask questions about your mission or ministry to see how knowledgeable the answers were?

All of this falls under the topic of donor service.

Donor service is to nonprofits what customer service is to commercial companies.

Now sign up for Netflix or purchase something from Then compare how fast and complete their product fulfillment is – this compares to your organization processing a donation. And call their customer service number and see how their customer service compares to your donor services calls.

Your donors are also customers of many companies including Netflix and Zappos. Their expectations of your donor service are consciously compared to the best customer service they receive.


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