Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BIG’s Blog: What Part of Free Don’t You Understand? – Part Seven

Over the course of last week and this week, I have been driving home the point that there is a very big change in how technologies that you and your organizations use is accessed and paid for. The “big news” is that it is becoming very inexpensive to acquire very powerful software. This change will “level of the playing field” for fund raisers, especially smaller fund raisers.

With this new world comes new terms and one term you are going to be hearing a lot about is Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing is accessing through the Internet a variety of programs, services or applications from your computer. These programs, services etc., reside somewhere on a server or a group of servers. This group of servers is called “the Cloud.” This cloud allows very inexpensive distribution and use of software that before was only sold on disks that needed to be installed on your computer or server.

In the past several blogs, I have been detailing the reasons why certain software programs, services or applications can be as inexpensive as “free.” This new business model of making very powerful software applications available for low monthly fees or even free is fundamentally reshaping the technology industry. But, more important for you and your organization, is the fact that this same shift to the industry can fundamentally reshape your fund raising organization...if you learn how.


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