Sunday, March 20, 2011

BIG’s Blog: What Part of Free Don’t You Understand? – Part Four

Over the course of this month and next, I am going to try to drive home the point that there is a very big “leveling of the playing field” for fund raisers going on through new technology.

If you buy a smart phone with touchscreen features, you suddenly have access to gazillions of applications or “apps” for short. These are functioning mini computer programs that reside on your phone and provide a very narrow utility or service. Want to find a restaurant?...use this app. Want to find a dentist or play a game on your smartphone while waiting in the dental office?...there’s an app for that.

Do these apps cost you money? Some do, but many are free. Essentially, there are two types of apps: those that set out to make money and those that are about marketing.

We all understand charging for an app to make their owner money; but what about the free app? These free apps are about trying to get you...the do something else. Something else might be finding a doctor, watching a movie or buying a car. This is about advertising. It is also about getting people – millions of people – to pay attention to your cause, organization or ministry.

You don’t have to have a big budget to create a unique app for your organization. Just another way technology is leveling the playing field for nonprofit fund raisers.


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