Friday, June 28, 2013

BIG’s Blog: When it makes NO sense…pay attention

In September of 2006, Facebook opened up to anyone 13 years of age and older with a valid email address. That was less than seven years ago and way before they hit one billion members.

In June of 2007, Apple released the iPhone. That was six years and millions of iPhone sales ago.

In April of 2010, Apple released its first iPad tablet. That was slightly over three years and millions of iPad sales ago, and before the iPad single-handedly began to bring an end to the era of the PC.

Each of these products and/or services . . . all less than seven years old . . . heralded the beginning of a “new thing.” And, as people always do, they look at the new in comparison to something else that they already understand. This isn’t a new phenomenon, and has been going on with new technology for a long time (i. e. the horseless carriage for the automobile).

But we are almost always exactly wrong about what the new thing really is, and what it means for our life. I remember thinking that the iPad was just the iPhone without the phone. Exactly wrong!

Seth Godin made a point recently in one of his blogs that was dead on when he wrote, “When your marketplace embraces a ‘new’ that makes no sense to you, it’s essential you understand the point of view that's leading people to embrace this new idea.”

Nobody is saying you have to jump on the bandwagon, but you probably need to understand why others are touched, inspired, or are adopting the new idea.

Have you missed something?

For nonprofit fundraising organizations, marketing is fundamentally changing. Marketing used to revolve around, focus on, and be measured by transactions. Increasingly today, however, marketing for nonprofit fundraisers is quickly revolving around, focused on, and being measured by the number and depth of relationships they develop.

This is a “new thing”or a “new idea”that is made possible by the combination of societal shifts in technology (specifically the Internet) and attitudes towards philanthropy.

If you personally don’t believe it or just don’t get it, I understand. Remember what I initially thought about the iPad?

. . . but you need to pay attention
Join us.
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