Monday, June 17, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Get their attention…the money will follow

When you get my attention . . . give me a “Wow.”

A year ago I had not heard of Charity Water. They do 100% of their fundraising online.  I then watched a video of their founder Scott Harrison, and after watching it I couldn’t stop talking about them for a month.

Most long-established faith-based organizations are “best kept” secrets. You keep communicating with the same “Holy Huddle.” Nothing the matter with keeping in touch with old friends, but maybe it’s time to join the world and get in the game . . . and for more than just financial support.

Do you love your organization and community? If you believe you are valuable, tell the world.

Today the biggest compliment you can get is attention. People are overwhelmed with messages, but they are looking for real. They are looking for authenticity.

But you have to deliver.

Don’t ask people for their time until you’re ready to deliver.

I had never heard of Scott Harrison of Charity Water before I saw his video. He’s a smart guy. He knew he needed funding for Charity Water, so instead of reinventing the wheel, he studied how fundraising was being done in the charitable sector and concluded that the current fundraising model was broken and in decline. So he created his own, 100% online.

Then he told his story. He endeared himself to us because he showed us his human side.

Your current mode of fundraising is declining too.

You need to start over. I know starting over is tough. Even Apple had to start over. But they started…

You’ve got to believe in yourself and your organization.

Fundraising is about relationships and emotion. 

Join us.
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