Monday, June 10, 2013

BIG’s Blog: One day I’ll celebrate

Hopefully by now, not only are you reading my blog, but following others as well. It used to be that to keep up on the latest, we watched the New York Times or other non-fiction bestseller lists or heard books touted by talking heads on either radio or television. There are still those channels, but the media that breaks new ideas the fastest are blogs.
Because blogs provide the medium to work out ideas. If you want your ideas fully developed and fully birthed, that is what books are for. It shouldn’t surprise you that most authors, journalists, and anyone else who is publishing are also blogging. And, of course, blogging isn’t a one-way street. People are encouraged to respond to blogs. Many times the author’s thought direction is altered by cogent arguments from blog readers. It’s a conversation.
One blog I follow is Seth Godin’s. Seth writes a daily blog. Yep, 365 days a year. That is Herculanean. Are they all great? Of course not, but the continuity of ideas and insights is always there, which keeps me coming back, waiting for the real home runs that pop off the page.
Seth just published his 5,000th post. That's over 13 ½ years of blogs going back to 2000. Think how much the world has changed. Along the way, through Seth Godin’s blog, I have been introduced to new things, ideas, people, books, and organizations.
Seth Godin has infused himself into my life just as I am attempting to infuse myself into yours. We all gain by this medium of blogs.
Of course, I blog partly to demonstrate that you or people in your organization or community should be blogging as well.
Reading my blogs in the morning is a part of my daily routine as much as brushing my hair. My brain is activated by short and pithy thoughts or insights. A good blog shouldn’t be more than 400 words.
Seth Godin gets it. He understands how powerful this medium has become to move and change people. But he doesn’t pound people over the head. He ends his 5,000th blog with the line, “Drip, drip, drip, are you soaked yet?”
One day I’ll celebrate not my 5,000th blog, but your first.
Join us.

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