Monday, June 3, 2013

BIG’s Blog: It’s a new thing

“I can’t raise money on social media!”
Are you and your fundraising group frustrated that social media isn’t generating you dollars?
You have a Facebook page, maybe other social media, and you get “Likes,” but you can’t figure out how to get donations.
Why are you chasing donations on social media?
At that last conference session or workshop, the speaker showed you how to get “out there” on social media. Naturally, since your job is to raise money for your organization, you just assumed they were teaching you how to use this new tool to RAISE DONATIONS.
“But it’s not working.”
“Because I’m not getting donations.”
Who told you that you would get donations from social media?
Social media isn’t an electronic letter or phone call. Letters (direct mail appeals) and phone calls generate responses that generate donations.
But social media doesn’t do that. In fact, it will never do that.
“So then, what good is it?”
Are you kidding?  It’s fantastic. It connects millions (billions) of people. But it doesn’t generate donations.
It’s a new thing.
In fact, the whole Internet-based world of tools and technologies is a whole new thing.
So why do you keep using the “new thing” as if it is going to act like what you are used to?
It’s a new thing.
Join us.
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