Friday, June 7, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Not all stories communicate

Isn’t it sad when your Internet connection goes down? I know, it doesn’t happen often, but when it does it means you’re not connected. You can be pumping out email after email, but you have no clue you are not connecting. Your email could be the next War and Peace but if nobody gets it…

The Internet going down is a technical glitch, but then there is that other glitch. What’s that other glitch, you ask? That’s when you’re connected but not communicating.

Today, every single nonprofit can be its own media company. Through the Internet you can tell your stories, but the fact that everyone can do this means there is a lot of noise.

So, then, what is the secret to really communicating?

Use the inherent capability of the Internet to have a conversation.

Ever had a conversation with a magazine, a newspaper or a TV? Of course not.

Make it a conversation and you’ll communicate.
Join us.
PS: Don’t forget that today is National Donut Day. Go to any Krispy Kreme and get a free donut. Dunkin Donuts makes you buy a small coffee to get your free donut but hey…whoever heard of eating a donut without coffee? Thanks for the heads-up, Dave!

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