Thursday, October 11, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Where Are You Reading My Blog?

Do you use email?

Me too.

So where am I going with a question with such an obvious answer?

Here is where:

What If I told you that the iPhone has become the number one email client?

What’s an email client? The email client, also known as the “email reader” or “email agent” is the computer program used to access and manage your email.

Litmus is an email testing and analytics company that examined one billion “opens” of emails sent by its customers this past June, then compiled the information.

Here is a surprise:

The iPhone was number one beating out Outlook, Yahoo, Apple Mail, Hotmail and Gmail.

Here is a list of the Top Ten:
1. iPhone   20%  
2. Outlook   18%  
3. Yahoo     13%  
4. Apple Mail  9%  
5. Hotmail     8%  
6. Apple iPad  8%  
7. Android     7%  
8. Gmail     5%  
9. Web Version  5%  
10. Windows Live Mail  3%  

According to the Litmus data, this “shift” to Mobile has been extremely sudden. As recently as June of 2011, Desktop dominated by over 50%. Then Desktop began to drop and Mobile began to rise. This past February 2012, Desktop and Mobile converged and since then, Mobile has been rapidly rising and Desktop has been declining.

This is a significant behavior change.

But is this really a surprise to you? How many of you have smartphones? How many have iPhones? How many of you are reading my blog on your smartphone as you check your emails first thing in the morning?
What are the implications?

The mail implication is that your organization continues to fall behind the communications curve with younger generation media habits (beginning with the Baby Boomers) which will sustain your organization in the years to come.

Click here for the infographic.


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