Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BIG’s Blog: More from Newsweek

Last Monday’s post on the announcement that Newsweek magazine was ceasing print publication and going 100% digital generated a response from some of my readers.

Newsweek is still there, but they had to change their model of distributing the news.”


“It’s the message, not the medium. Why are we in fundraising so hung up on print and ink? Our message is just as important, maybe more so, than 50 years ago. But if we don’t switch the medium, the message will never be heard.”


“As the case of Newsweek points out, at some point you have to start down the path towards 100% digital. Thanks Mike for the challenge and keeping this in my face.”

Fr. Mark

Newsweek had a choice, cease publication and die or go digital. I have to admit that I too am a lapse subscriber, but after it goes digital, I will be reading Newsweek again.”



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