Thursday, October 4, 2012

BIG’s Blog: She Was So Genuinely Excited

Maria Pippi-Layne, Development Director for the Dominican Sisters of Hope, called me back the other day following our meeting together at the NCDC conference in Nashville. She was genuinely excited to tell me about a session she had attended where she learned about the process of creating apps for iPhones. Nothing much gets past Maria as she is one of the most astute fundraisers in Catholic fundraising.

Maria understands how the world is moving to digital, but she is aware that iPhone apps don’t neatly fit into her current fundraising methodology.

Here’s an analogy. Would you pour French Champagne into an old coffee mug? No way! French Champagne was made for crystal flutes to show off its sparkling quality.

So, too, using iPhone apps is a different way of fundraising, and frankly requires a completely different approach than the way it is practiced in most organizations today.

Maria gets it. That’s why she is joining our Transformational Strategic Plan program beginning in January 2013. When Maria brings in iPhone apps…and she will…it will be new Champagne into a fluted crystal glass, not an old coffee mug.


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